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Bodegas Yuste "Aurora" Sherry Amontillado

Bodegas Yuste "Aurora" Sherry Amontillado
The Amontillado is a wine that combines the aging under a veil of yeast called "Flor", typical of Manzanilla, with a later period in which the flor veil disappears and the wine is exposed to oxidation.
Made with palomino grapes, this combination of biological aging and oxidative aging makes Amontillados extremely complex and interesting wines.
There is a wide range of Amontillados, depending on how long they are aged in this oxidative style. Thus, some Amontillados have a paler color and have very sharp notes and many with notes of yeast lees, due to having been aged for a longer time with the flor. In others, however, the notes of oxidative aging, spices and wood predominate.

An authentic Amontillado produced from Palomino Fino, dry and deeply golden in color. Clearly reminiscent of its late Manzanilla stages with salt air on the nose. Aging has rounded the palate naturally, balanced and long with salt brine lingering throughout the impressively clean finish.